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How to Conduct a Successful Remote Board Meeting

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A remote board meeting is that is conducted by video conference call in which the board members do not physically meet in the same room. This method of conducting business became increasingly popular during the coronavirus epidemic and will probably continue to be utilized after the outbreak.

Using the proper tools is the key to an effective and efficient remote board meeting. Board members must be able to access all materials in advance of the meeting. This will make it easier for you to plan your agenda and will avoid confusion during the meeting. It is also helpful to record the meeting, especially when there is a lot of discussion or if it’s a lengthy meeting.

Encourage board members to be aware of their surroundings while taking part in the meeting. Distractions such as an agitated dog, noisy street noises or an occasional hum from a television in a different room, can make it difficult to concentrate during the meeting. In the ideal situation, board members should be allowed to sign in from a quiet office with a locked door.

It’s crucial to make an acknowledgement of each board member’s presence prior to the beginning of the meeting. This will not only ensure that everyone is present, but it sets the tone for the meeting and lets everyone know that this is a matter of importance. After each item on the agenda, it’s important to solicit feedback. This helps boost engagement and encourages participation even from remote members. The board can make decisions following the feedback after the meeting, if it wishes to do so.

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