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How to Keep Data Secure From Hackers and Other Cyber-Attacks

By 16/09/2023No Comments

Data is among the most valuable assets an company has and is used to make decisions from to sales and marketing. It is crucial for businesses to take steps to protect their data from hackers and other cyber attacks.

No matter if you’re a big corporation or the newest startup on the block, a data breach can have devastating consequences. You could lose customers when they aren’t comfortable giving their personal details to you. Fortunately, even small-scale business owners can guard against data breaches with the right security measures.

Make a list of all the data assets within your company and their locations. This will inform any preventative measures that you take.

It’s important to classify data by its degree of sensitivity. This will help you determine whether the data should be protected by the highest level of security, which could include encryption at all times. The classification process is constantly changing and should be constantly reevaluated whenever information is updated or modified. This will ensure that any modifications are made in accordance with the latest classifications.

Security of data at restthat is, when it’s on your system is just equally important as safeguarding it when it’s in motion. In the ideal scenario, your company should be able to track the access to data from any device at any time. This will help to limit the risk of human error which Verizon’s 2022 DBIR found was the source of 82 percent of data breaches.


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